Prof. Martin Levesque


Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Mechanical Engineering Department

Photo of Martin 

Martin Lévesque is Full Professor at École Polytechnique de Montréal and his the Canadian Chair Holder (Tier II) in Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Aerospace Materials. His research aims at developing methodologies for propagating physically relevant information through the hierachy of scales for predicting materials service properties. Parts of his research deals with aerospace alloys submitted to the shot peening process. He developed multi-scale methodologies for predicting the forming of wing panels as well as models for predicting residual stresses and roughness induced by the process. Another part of his research deals with the homogenization of composites. He developed both analytical and numerical models for predicting composites effective response. He dealt with viscoelastic, piezo-electric and elastic composites. He has also developed new nonlinearly viscoelastic constitutive theories, along with the numerical algorithms for their implementation into finite element codes and their parameters identification. Finally, he is also leading an important initiative on the sharing of academic material testing infrastructure.