Prof. Alexander Lion


Speaker: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Alexander Lion


Universität der Bundeswehr Munich (Germany)
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering


Alexander Lion is the head of the institute of mechanics which belongs to the faculty of aerospace engineering. He and the colleagues of his group are mainly active in thermomechanics, constitutive modelling and experimental testing of polymeric materials which are used in the automotive, aerospace and electronics industries. A second, but smaller, field of research is vehicle dynamics. The polymers of interest include elastomers with and without reinforcement, thermosets, adhesives and thermoplastics. In the context of material modelling, his interests are in thermoviscoelasticity, curing, glass-transition, crystallisation, physical and thermochemical ageing. In order to investigate the behaviour of polymers his laboratory contains experimental devices for temperature-controlled static and dynamic mechanical studies, rheometry, differential scanning calorimetry, thermomechanical couplings, moisture gravimetry, heat conductivity measurements, thermochemical ageing tests and oxygen consumption analysis. He is teaching in different areas of mechanics.